Born in 1975, ICCI – The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy became an officially recognized Chamber of Commerce by the Italian Government and the Ministry of Productive Activities on 5 February 5th, 2003, with identification number N. 33.

ICCI's mission is to promote and facilitate business initiatives and trade relations between India and Italy. ICCI acts as an entity to support Indian and Italian companies that need support in managing, developing new exchanges or creating business between the two countries. This is supported by a network of professionals dedicated to different aspects of internationalisation. At the same time ICCI aims to establish a common platform for the Indian business community based in Italy.


The Indian Chamber of Commerce offers multiple services for business promotion and cultural activities between Italy and India.

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Business support

The Indian Chamber of Commerce for Italy offers a wide range of services to facilitate business between India and Italy from market entry support to legal and tax assistance.


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Doing business
in India

Investing and exporting products towards India has become a growing opportunity for Italian companies. The country is trying to attract foreign capital, new technology, and innovative products to its domestic market. In recent years, an ever more open economic policy has been adopted with the aim of attracting greater investment towards the country. Download our Doing Business in India presentation to learn more about the opportunities offered by the Indian market.

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