ICCI live on CNBC – Exploring Business Opportunities in India: Insights from ICCI Vice President Marina Vienna

On Wednesday, April 19th, the world of international business witnessed a significant event as our Vice President, Marina Vienna, took part in a live discussion on “India: Business Opportunities for Italian Companies” hosted by Class CNBC on Sky Italia 507. Marina Vienna’s participation in this event shed light on crucial aspects of doing business in India, including structuring partnerships and joint ventures, understanding the local fiscal system, and leveraging the activities offered by the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy (ICCI) to promote and support business between Italy and India.

It’s possible to see the Vice President’s interview at the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/video/live/urn:li:ugcPost:7054433070015246336/?actorCompanyId=6141908

Structuring Partnerships and Joint Ventures

One of the key takeaways from Marina Vienna’s interview was her insights into structuring partnerships and joint ventures in India. This is a pivotal topic for Italian companies looking to establish a strong presence in the Indian market. India, with its vast and diverse economy, offers a multitude of opportunities for foreign businesses, but navigating the complexities of Indian business practices and regulations can be challenging.

Marina Vienna emphasized the importance of local partnerships in India, as they can provide valuable insights into the market, access to local networks, and help navigate the regulatory landscape. She stressed that forming strong, mutually beneficial partnerships is crucial for success in India. Such partnerships can be instrumental in overcoming cultural differences and ensuring that business operations align with the unique needs and preferences of the Indian market.

Understanding the Local Fiscal System

Navigating the Indian fiscal system is another critical aspect that Marina Vienna touched upon during her interview. India has a complex taxation structure, and foreign companies need to have a clear understanding of the tax laws and regulations to operate efficiently. Understanding the intricacies of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), corporate tax rates, and other tax-related matters is essential for any Italian company aiming to do business in India.

Marina Vienna shared insights on how Italian companies can optimize their tax strategies and ensure compliance with Indian tax laws. Her expertise provided valuable guidance to Italian businesses looking to establish a strong foothold in India while effectively managing their tax liabilities.

ICCI’s Role in Promoting and Supporting Business

The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy (ICCI) plays a vital role in fostering business ties between Italy and India. During her interview, Marina Vienna highlighted the activities and support offered by ICCI to facilitate business partnerships and collaborations between the two nations.

ICCI serves as a bridge connecting Italian and Indian businesses, providing a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. It offers valuable resources, including market insights, trade missions, and events that bring together key stakeholders from both countries. Marina Vienna’s endorsement of ICCI’s efforts underscored the importance of leveraging such organizations to explore and expand business opportunities in India.


Marina Vienna’s participation in the live event on “India: Business Opportunities for Italian Companies” provided invaluable insights into the world of business in India. Her expertise in structuring partnerships and joint ventures, understanding the local fiscal system, and promoting business through organizations like ICCI has undoubtedly inspired Italian companies to explore and seize the numerous opportunities that India has to offer.

As the global business landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for companies to have access to such expertise and guidance. Marina Vienna’s contribution to this discussion not only benefits Italian businesses but also strengthens the bonds of collaboration and trade between Italy and India, fostering a brighter future for both nations in the world of international business.

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