ICCI and WOI organize student industry visits to Italy during the month of March 2023.

During the past 2 weeks ICCI assisted its partner Wheel of Innovations (WOI) in organizing a series of industry visits, institutional visits, and seminars for a group of 21 students from the prestigious Daly College Indore, India.

The program began with an institutional visit to the Consulate General of India in Milan where the students and staff members of Daly College were received and hosted by Consul Kujur and Consul Chauhan.

The students were also assisted to a seminar on entrepreneurship and business organized together with the Italian Angels for Growth (IAG)

WOI is a company that works in the field of education since 2012. Its core verticals include the Global Outreach Program conducted for around 15000 students across India, which involves the organization of International Outreach programs in form of Study Trips, Workshops and Summer Camps for students of Management, Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design and allied streams.
WOI also organizes internship / mini internship Programs and has established academic cooperation with reputed universities across globe. It supports Institutes and Universities in India in terms of Guest lectures, Foreign Collaborations etc.

As partners, ICCI and WOI are working on several projects to promote the collaboration between Indian and Italian universities and to foster student exchange.

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