Celebrating North East India’s Sustainable Fashion and Textiles in Milan

Milan, September 9th 2023 – In an extraordinary showcase of culture and sustainability, the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy (ICCI) lent its support to the North East India Festival, held in Milan this September. The event, and Idea of Entrepreneur Vikram Rai Medhi and hosted by the North East Institute of Fashion Technology (NEIFT) in partnership with the Consulate General of India in Milan, was a testament to the rich cultural heritage and sustainable textiles of the North East region of India.

Fashion Fusion: Tradition Meets Modernity

The highlight of the evening was a mesmerizing fashion show that left attendees in awe. This runway extravaganza featured exquisite designs that seamlessly merged tradition with modernity. It was a showcase of the incredible talent and craftsmanship of North East Indian artisans. The garments on display were not just fashion; they were stories woven with sustainable textiles, reflecting the vibrant culture of the region.

The fusion of traditional elements with contemporary designs spoke volumes about the adaptability and innovation present in North East Indian fashion. The event served as a platform to demonstrate that sustainability and style can go hand in hand.

A Sustainable Culinary Delight

Beyond the captivating fashion show, the North East India Festival also emphasized the importance of sustainable foods. The evening concluded with a delectable dinner menu featuring millet dishes, aligning with the theme of sustainability and echoing the message of the International Year of Millets (IYM2023). This highlighted the significance of sustainable food practices, which are not only environmentally friendly but also promote health and well-being.

A Vibrant Gathering of Support

The success of the event was amplified by the enthusiastic participation of various stakeholders. Local authorities from the Comune di Milano, entrepreneurs from the textiles sector, representatives from the fashion industry and aficionados, and members of the Consular corps in Milan all came together to celebrate the cultural diversity and sustainability of North East India. This strong show of support underscored the global interest in and appreciation for the region’s artistic and ecological contributions.

Government and Organizational Backing

The grand celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the backing of the Indian government. The Ministry of Textiles and the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, Government of India, played pivotal roles in promoting the cultural wealth of the North East region. Their commitment to preserving and showcasing the heritage of the region was evident throughout the event. Additionally, organizations like DIPR Meghalaya and MyGov India – Nagaland contributed to the success of the festival.

A Collaborative Effort

The realization of this remarkable event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of numerous organizations. Heartfelt gratitude goes to NEIFT, the Indian Consulate in Milan, Indian Council For Cultural Relations, Indian Association of Northern Italy, and India Trading Srl for the opportunity of working together in organizing this celebration of North East India.

A Continuing Celebration

As the #NorthEastIndiaFestival in Milan comes to a close, it’s important to remember that this is just the beginning. The event has successfully highlighted the incredible heritage, sustainable textiles, and talented designers of North East India. It serves as an inspiration to continue celebrating and promoting the rich culture and sustainable practices that make the North East region a treasure trove of creativity and tradition.