White Paper Publication – Tourism and Luxury Shopping: Will India be the protagonist of the future?

July 1st 2024

The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy (ICCI), in collaboration with Global Blue, Fidenza Village, Lybra – Zucchetti, and SEA Milan Airports has recently published a comprehensive white paper on the trends, habits, and future expectations of Indian tourists in Italy, particularly their expenditure on luxury goods. This collaborative effort aims to provide a deeper understanding of the growing segment of Indian travelers and their impact on Italy’s tourism and luxury market.

The white paper highlights several critical trends and behaviors exhibited by Indian tourists in Italy. It notes a significant increase in the number of Indian visitors, driven by rising disposable incomes and a growing penchant for international travel. Indian tourists are particularly attracted to Italy’s rich cultural heritage, luxury shopping opportunities, and high-quality hospitality services.

The collaborative white paper by ICCI, Global Blue, Fidenza Village, Lybra – Zucchetti and SEA Milan Airports, is the first published study that delves into providing valuable insights into the dynamic and lucrative market of Indian tourism in Italy. By understanding the trends and habits of Indian travelers, Italy’s tourism and luxury industries can better prepare to meet their needs and capitalize on this growing segment. This initiative underscores the importance of international cooperation in enhancing the global travel experience and fostering economic growth.

The White Paper is available for download by clicking on the the below image.