ICCI meets with the Milan Bar Association in meeting with all recognized foreign chambers of commerce in the Milan area.

Milan February 6th 2024. The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Italy – ICCI actively engaged in a significant initiative organized by Commissione Rapporti Internazionali CRINT, the internationalization division of the Milan Bar Council.

Our Secretary General, Luciano Pettoello Mantovani, and Head of Internationalization, Cecilia Giannini Gianni, had the privilege of participating in a meeting that brought together most of the officially recognized foreign chambers of commerce active in the Milan area. The gathering provided a unique business platform to connect with the President and Vice Presidente of the Milan Bar Council, respectively Mr. Antonio La Lumia and Francesca Maria Zanasi to discuss potential collaborations and initiatives between Italy and the world and in our case India. The outcome of the event is to strengthen the collaborations between the Milan Bar Association and the ICCI in order to organize targeted events, support the internationalization process of Italian and Indian companeis and organize business missions to India.